Mass Energy exhibition in London

Mass Energy exhibition poster May 21st and 22nd 2021

Happy to have had an image included in the Mass Energy exhibition in London in May 2021 set up and curated by Tommy Susses.  Great zine as a result too! Loved all the attention to detail when receiving the zine, including the padded black envelope. I included an image from Appleby Horse Fair. Article in Then there was us too! 

“The last year of our lives has been defined by social distancing and a new relationship to physical proximity as a result of the Coronavirus Global Pandemic. The social fabric of society has been dramatically altered and this is an unprecedented transformation in the modern era. I didn’t feel like enough was being done to look at the impact of this new enforced social disconnection on our lives and minds. I set about creating a brief that asked international image-makers to explore group activities, crowd behaviour and mass gatherings through the prism of the Pandemic. By collaborating through the Mass Energy project a newly established community of image-makers will be able to examine this theme and build a unique knowledge base which results in the form of the Mass Energy exhibition collection and photo zine/publication.  - Tom Sussex. Exhibition Curator.”

Walk Bye HOME Exhibition Jersey City May 2021

In April I responded to an open call: Inspired by World Refugee Day on June 20th, we seek international artists to show us a representation of the theme: what makes home a home? During this modern world of globalization and multiculturalism, immigration and emigration, diversity and inclusion, how do we as humans classify home. Is it where the heart is? Where you hang your hat? Is there no place like it? Please present a piece for a new exhibit at the Morgan Library in Jersey City, NJ.  

I was so happy to see my piece of Oliver in Habitat on display in Jersey City in May 2021.

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