15th Pollux Award - The World Wide Photography Awards

I won in various categories at the 15th pollux awards organised by the world wide photography awards. I was a winner with a series in the documentary and daily life category. And won with 2 single images ‘cell phone’ and ‘alternative processes’. In addition I got honourable mentions in 10 categories (series and single). Great to be highlighted in the back of the foto nostrum magazine issue 8

 Honourable mentions with series and singles in the following categories:

1. Architecture and interiors

2. Nature

3. Landscapes and Seascapes

4. Culture and Daily Life

5. Cell phone

6. Documentary and reportage

7. City scapes

8. Children

9. Streetphotography

10. Open theme 

Heart Valve Voice

Just got the most exciting email (completely forgot I entered!!!) from the heart valve voice saying that I was a winner in their National Photography Competition arranged with the Royal Photographic Society & Silver Surfers. As a winning photographer I now have to document 2 treated heart valve disease patients and capture #PhotosFromTheHeart.  These photographs will be exhibited in the Houses of Parliament on the 10th December where the overall winner will be announced. (Just started following them on Facebook and saw this was announced publicly already on the 19th September).   Update because of  Covid this is postponed.  I won with entering the images of Josh and Jen’s wedding in Croatia. 

This is how the exhibition looked in 2018 in the Houses of Parliament.

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