Sense of Place exhibition, Sheffield

In November 2018 I responded to this brief on Curatorspace. 

Sense of Place

In the wake of serious warnings of the latest UN report on climate change, Sense of Place seeks to bring together a collection of artworks responding to the theme of place, spaces and the outdoor world. These works could respond to the political uncertainties we are facing across the globe manifesting in the continual displacement of people through warfare and environmental disasters. Or our relationship with the environment on a personal level or day to day basis.

My three images taken in Japan were chosen for the exhibition and I decided to print them on fabric, which gives a different feel to the images. 

These images were made on a recent trip to Japan. Glass can separate a space into a non-place. In Olivia Laing’s book ‘the lonely city: adventures in the art of being alone’, she states: Glass is a persistent symbol of loneliness, and for good reason. Almost as soon as I arrived in the city, I had the sense that I was trapped behind glass. I couldn’t reach out or make contact, and at the same time I felt dangerously exposed, vulnerable to judgement, particularly in situations where being alone felt awkward or wrong, where I was surrounded by couples or groups.  

With this small and intimate series I wanted to convey the feeling of being trapped behind glass, in a place of your own, but if you look at the environment beyond, there is a world worth investigating and being out in nature can really enhance your chance of wellbeing. This for me is about the environment on a very personal emotional level, where we need to look after our planet and give ourselves a change to enjoy our surrounding world.

The exhibition runs from 1st December to 28th February 2019. 

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