Shutterhub Open 2020/2021

Shutterhub Open Amsterdam, was going to take place in July 2021. 

Happy to have two images in this exhibition this year. One image has already been on show at Loosenart in Rome in 2020 (Dharavi) and so pleased my friend Bruun will also be exhibited. With the uncertainty of Covid the exhibition will now not be held in Amsterdam but in London at the Gallery Cafe at St. Margaret’s House from 1st September to 10th October 2021. I also jointly won best in show with 3 other photographers! 

Shutterhub Open 21/21 London

Shutterhub post cards from Britain is touring again in 2021. POSTCARDS FROM GREAT BRITAIN is a largescale project from Shutter Hub, inviting photographers to share their visions of British culture through photographic images  The first exhibition is in Haarlem from 20th March 2021 to 20th April. Here are some install images taken by Orande Mensink and pleased to have an image from my home town on display. 

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